Intensive course - 2 days workshop 

    Our Intensive Courses are inclined towards pastry and bakery students who want to hone or expand their skills, or for professionals who want to train their team.

    The 2 days classes are taught by World Pastry Champion, Asia Pastry champions and distinguished pastry chefs from APCA group and many more. Topic explore high level of expertise in subjects such as Entremet, petite gateau, Glacier, showpieces and candies, and more. The classes are designed to maximize the sharing of knowledge and recipes from our expert chefs in a short period of time. Let’s get serious and get in the mood of being a pastry chef!

    The Intensive Course is split into 2 levels: Intermediate and Advanced. Each level will cover 5 topics, each topic covering 5 recipes.

    Terms and Conditions

      Packages can be shared.
      Packages are non-refundable.
      Packages can be chosen from Intermediate and Advanced level.

    2 days Intensive Pastry Program - Intermediate

    Chocolate & Praline
    • Chocolate Mandola
    • Chocolate Pistachio Bar
    • Orange Chocolate
    • Chocolate Truffle
    • Rocher Amandes
    Classic French Pastries
    • Pavlova
    • Dacquiose
    • Maringuette Chocolate
    • Apple Tatin
    • Savarin (Babas)
    Cookies & Tea cakes
    • Florentine
    • Lemon Madeleine
    • Chocolate Apricot Cookies
    • Mandarin & Coffee Macaron
    • Cherry Financiers
    • Black Forest Revisited
    • Swiss Roll
    • Blackberry Charlotte
    • Caramel Chocolate Cake
    • Baguette
    • Foccacia
    • Soft Roll/Sausage Roll
    • Ciabatta
    • Whole wheat bread
    • Milk bread

    2 days Intensive Pastry Program - Advance

    Chocolate & Praline
    • Cassis caramel
    • Coriander praline
    • Pear and calamansi pate de fruit
    • Vanilla fudge
    • Raspberry tea
    • Apricot passion fruit pate de fruit
    Modern French Pastries
    • Rouge
    • Success
    • Chocolate Banana
    • Paris Brest
    • Raspberry Religieuse
    Travel Cakes
    • Marble Cake
    • Apricot Crumble Cake
    • Lemon Cake
    • Red Fruit Voyage
    • Ispahan
    • Orange and chocolate travel cake
    Entremet & Cakes
    • Calamondin
    • Raspberry rose St. Honore
    • Supreme
    • Tiramisu Yule Log
    • Bear Claw
    • Pain Au Chocolate
    • Croissants
    • Caramel Brioche
    • Cinnamon roll
    • Fruit Danish

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