Wei Loon

World Pastry Champion 2019

Ming Ai

World Pastry Champion 2019

Angelo Van

Chief Baker


2nd Position in Mondial Des Arts Sucre 2018

Lim Chin

2nd Position Asian Pastry Cup 2016

Chef Ming
Ming Ai Loi
World Pastry Champion 2019
You will be learning the following techniques in this workshop:
  • Tempering of Chocolates
  • Robot coupe chocolate
  • Making moulds by cardboard
  • Chocolate figurines
  • Chocolate flowers
  • Tempering of Cocoa Butter
  • Coloured Cocoa butter Air brush spray
  • Polishing techniques & waxing effect
Loi Ming Ai is working as Executive Pastry Chef in Academy. He is World Pastry Champion 2019 and worked in Beijing for a fine dining restaurant as Pastry Chef. He is a trained Sugar and Chocolate artist chefs who conduct classes for full time and part-time pastry classes in Malaysia, India and Philippines.
Chef Tan
Wei Loon Tan
(World Pastry Champion 2019)
He will be conducting this 4 days workshop where he will work on 12 - 14 tried and tested recipes. This will also include his award winning chocolate cake in World Pastry Cup 2019, Lyon France. Please note that class maybe delayed a bit in the evening based on the speed of the participating chefs.
Chef Tan Wei Loon is World Pastry Champion 2019 (Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie) Asian Pastry Champion 2018 and 2014, undisputedly one of the Best Pastry Chefs in Asia. He is APCA Malaysia Director of Pastry Studies. He has represented the Malaysian National Team in many International Pastry competitions. His special skills are Modern French Pastry, Sugar Art, Airbrush Techniques, Chocolate Displays and Chocolate and Praline making. He competed for Coupe Du Monde 2015 Sirha and ranked 4th in the World. He is the Coach of Malaysian National Team competing in World Pastry Cup 2017 Lyon. Chef Tan travels all over the world conducting workshops for Pastry schools and Pastry Professionals.
Chef Angelo
Angelo Van Toorn
Chief Baker
You will be learning the following techniques in this workshop:
  • Creating and maintaining a sourdough culture
  • Different type of Levain
  • Formulating and customising dough recipe as per the desired result and texture
  • Using sourdoughs without commercial yeast
  • Laminated doughs danish, croissant, brioche fuillete
  • Specialty enriched breads panettone, pandoro and stollen
  • Theory of fermentation
  • Creating good crumb structure in breads
  • Laminated doughs danish, croissant, brioche fuillete
  • European breads ex baguettes, whole grain sourdoughs, Ryes
  • Asian style breads melon pan, polo bun, asian style european bread
  • Competition style boutique Viennoiserie
  • How to mix dough by hand
  • And how to apply techniques and methods in real bakery productions to maintain consistant results
Chef Angelo Van Toorn graduated from Johnson and Wales University where he obtained degrees in both Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry Arts. He continued on to work for Michelin Star Chef Michael Mina for several years. After leaving the Mina Group, he began working for The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts travelling across the states to improve and establish baking programs in several Four Seasons Hotel including Miami, Palm Beach, Chicago, Vail and Denver Colorado. He joined the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia in January 2015. He currently is a certified Baker by the Retail Bakers Association of America as well as a Long Term Member of the Bread Bakers Guild of America.
Kean Chuan
2nd position in Mondial Des Arts Sucre 2018
You will be learning the following techniques in this workshop:
  • Cook Ice Cream mixture
  • Cook Sorbets mixture
  • Cook Coulis, jelly for ice cream entremet
  • Explain Ice Cream , Gelato and sorbets Theory
  • Churn Ice Cream, Gelato and sorbets
  • Build ice Cream Cake , sorbets & Gelato in mould technique
  • Ice Cream Magnum, Macaroon, Sponge for Ice Cream Entremet, petit gateau Glace
  • Technique for Spray Cocoa Butter for ice Cream
  • Technique for Glazing ice Cream Cake
  • Technique Wording spray In Ice Cream cake
  • Rolling Ice Cream and sorbets Techniques
  • Waffle Ice Cream corn
Chef Kean Chuan is young dynamic chef who joined the Academy in 2015, previously working at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. He recently won 2nd Place in Mondial Des Arts Sucres 2018. He was Silver Medallist in Asia Pastry Cup 2016. He represented Malaysia Team in the World Pastry Cup 2017 in France. He specializes in Sugar Art, Wedding Cake, Ice Cream, French Pastries and Travel Cakes. He currently conducting classes for full time students in Malaysia and Philippines.
MOF JFA 2019
Jean Francois-Arnaud
MOF Patissier
Jean Francois Arnaud is an International consultant in Pastry & Bakery since 2006. He is based in Malaysia from where he travels all over Asia and Middle East to conduct training and workshops for professional pastry chefs. He is MOF 2000 which mean the best Craftsman of France. He has been associated with best Pastry chefs and publications of the world like Thuries Gastronomie Magazine for whom he created monthly recipes for 10 years, Bakery & Pastry Magazines Asia & North America.
Chef Lim
Lim Chin Kheng
Executive Pastry Chef
You will be learning the following techniques in this workshop:
  • How to make Castella Cakes
  • Calculations for specific gravity (SG) for sponge
  • How to bake and making the perfect sponge cakes and Japanese roll cakes and choux sponge
  • The knowledge Japanese ingredients pairing
  • Demi-secs products like travel cakes, matcha macaron, hojitcha cakes, matcha Dacquoise
  • Japanese Cheese cake
  • Explaination of type of Japanese French pastries and culture
  • How to cook Azuki filing , Yuzu cream , black sesame cream , matcha cream and miso caramel filling
  • The concept of Japanese French pastries decoration and colours
  • How to make classic fluffy Japanese cream puff
  • Explanation of Japanese flour and Japanese sugar
Chef Lim Chin Kheng started at the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia in 2014. He is very dedicated to Pastries and has a strong working experience in One World Hotel, The Saujana Resorts and Hotel and also Melia Hotel Kuala Lumpur. He represented Malaysia during Asian Pastry Cup 2016 and received 2nd Position. He conducts full time workshops and Intensive class for students in Malaysia and Philippines.He represented Malaysia in World Pastry Cup 2017 in France, January 2017. Chef Lim specialise in French Pastries, Wedding Cakes, Travel Cakes, Plated Desserts and Chocolates.